3.1 Protecting workers – Are suppliers required to ensure no harm to workers due to exposure to low levels of multiple chemicals?

Original question as formulated in the survey: Do EICC member companies require their suppliers to ensure that workers are not harmed by exposure to low levels of multiple chemicals?

EICC self-score: chemical-yellow-web

EICC justifies this score by referring to VAP Protocol C3.2 & B1.3.

C3.2 is as follows: ‘Workers who work with hazardous substances are provided adequate and effective training’.

GoodElectronics and ICRT score: chemical-red-web

GoodElectronics and ICRT point out that C3.1 seems to only address environmental issues, not occupational health and safety. Moreover, C3.1 does not address exposure to low levels of multiple chemicals.

B1.3 deals with personal protective equipment (PPE). However, in this section there are no provisions for monitoring to determine whether there are exposures or health impacts. This explains the CSO score that marks the large gap between the EICC standard and CSO expectations.

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