2.3 Use of safer chemicals – Is there a corporate policy for safer substitutes of hazardous chemicals?

Original question as formulated in the survey: Do EICC member companies have in place a corporate policy for selecting safer substitutes for hazardous materials throughout their supply chain?

EICC self-score: chemical-green-web

EICC justifies this score by referring to the VAP Protocol C3.1, which says that the ‘Auditee shall ensure that its selection processes for all new hazardous chemicals include a thorough evaluation of less hazardous or non-hazardous alternatives’.

GoodElectronics and ICRT score: chemical-orange-web

GoodElectronics and ICRT object to the EICC score as the Protocol does not provide any definition of adequacy or verifiability . There is nothing in the Protocol about how to perform alternative assessments, or how to select safer substitutions. Therefore, there is no way for an auditor to determine whether a supplier made a ‘thorough evaluation’.

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